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Veterinary Preventative Care

Imperial Animal Hospital provides complete veterinary medical and surgical care to dogs, cats and some exotic pets. We offer preventative health care packages,  vaccinations, surgery, pet dermatology, advanced diagnostics, and more for pets in Imperial, MO and surrounding areas.

Wellness Exams

Services When it comes to keeping your pet healthy, prevention is the key. Regular examinations allow us to spot the signs of disease and illness before they can affect your pet's quality of life.

All pets should undergo a complete preventative wellness exam at least once a year, though we encourage more frequent exams. Wellness exams help us establish a baseline health profile for your pet; this information is used to better diagnose and treat your pet. Using this information, we develop a health care plan that's as unique as your best friend. Wellness exams also include parasite testing, vaccinations and laboratory tests that help detect and present disease.

Preventative Health Care Packages

Your pet's health care needs change as he or she ages. Puppies and kittens require treatments and procedures that are much different from adult dogs and cats and "senior" pets. Imperial Animal Hospital offers special preventative health packages designed specifically for puppies and kittens, adult pets and older pets.


Up-to-date vaccinations are the cornerstone of your pet's health care plan. Every pet is unique and so each pet has different needs when it comes to vaccinations. We work closely with you to develop a vaccine protocol for your pet based on his or her needs and lifestyle. Some vaccines require annual boosters, while others do not. We vaccinate appropriately based on each pet's individual needs.

Veterinary Dermatology

ServicesIf your pet is scratching frequently or has reddened skin, these may be signs of skin disease. Imperial Animal Hospital provides complete veterinary dermatology services for your pet, including parasite screening and education, serologic allergy testing and skin biopsies.

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