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Pet Lodging & Grooming

When you're away, let your pet stay at the Imperial Animal Hospital Pet Lodge!

“InternationalHere at the Imperial Animal Hospital Pet Lodge our well educated and loving staff strive to give the best care possible to our guests. All of our spaces are indoors and each pet has their own safe and clean space. While our guests are away from home, we provide calming music and soothing diffusers to create a relaxing experience. All owners are welcome to bring items from home as long as they are machine washable. We recommend owners bringing their own food to help prevent digestive upset. We are happy to provide bowls, bedding and Science Diet brand food at no additional cost. If your pet is taking medication please let us know. We are trained to administer medications of all kinds including Insulin injections, we just ask that all medications be in the original bottle. If your pet is special needs (Diabetic, or needs over 5 medications) there is an additional minimal fee.

“TheWe want to let you know some of the education we do to help us provide the best care for your pets. To help us understand our guests better, our Pet Care Attendants take a course on canine body language by the Dog Gurus. Imperial Animal Hospital Pet Lodge is also member of the International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA); this association ensures that proper safety and pet care practices are in place. We enlist the help of our veterinary technicians to educate us about pet wellness, so that we are trained to give pets first aid and identify any concerns. Of course, in an emergency our veterinarians are always available for assistance.

run den


All of our canine guests are taken outside four times daily to have play time in our large fenced play yards. We offer a variety of pet activities that include specially made treats, mini training sessions, and mentally stimulating toys.

All pets must be up-to-date with vaccinations before boarding. Dogs must have Canine Distemper, Rabies, and a Bordetella vaccine that has been administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.

For our larger canine guests we have the options of runs, which is a 4-foot by 8-foot area.

Non-Peak RatesPeak Rates
Run - Single Dog - $28Run - Single Dog - $30
Run - 2 Dogs Sharing - $51Run - 2 Dogs Sharing - $55
Run - 3 Dogs Sharing - $74Run - 3 Dogs Sharing - $80

We recommend our Shoreline Dens (kennel) for smaller canine friends.

Den - Single Dog - $25Den - Single Dog - $27
Den - 2 Dogs Sharing - $45Den - 2 Dogs Sharing - $49
Den - 3 Dogs Sharing - $65Den - 3 Dogs Sharing - $71


Our feline guests receive time to explore in Miss Kitty's Hotel and are given the chance to play with a variety of toys, laser lights, and plenty of places for lounging.


  • Our cats are lodged in our multi-level condos located in Miss Kitty's Hotel.
  • Cats must be current on Feline Distemper, and Rabies vaccines for indoor felines.
  • For indoor/outdoor cats we also ask for a Feline Leukemia vaccination.
  • Any cats who lodge with us need to show proof of a negative Feline Leukemia/FIV test.

Non-Peak RatesPeak Rates
Condo - Single Cat - $16Condo - Single Cat - $18
Condo - 2 Cats Sharing - $27Condo - 2 Cats Sharing - $31
Condo - 3 Cats Sharing - $38Condo - 3 Cats Sharing - $44

Peak Rate Dates
May 1st through September 30th
November 20th through November 30th
December 20th through January 4th


$12 per night per enclosure
(peak season $2 more per night)

Pocket Pets

$12 per night per enclosure
Guinea pigs, Rabbits, Hamsters, Rats, Small Reptiles
(peak season $2 more per night)


Request a Grooming Appointment

A grooming session at Imperial Animal Hospital leaves your pet looking and feeling great! Our specially-trained grooming staff has many years experience cutting, styling and grooming pets of all shapes and sizes. We offer complete grooming care, including baths (cleansing and therapeutic), breed-specific haircuts, pedicures and anal gland expression.

Pets must have up-to-date vaccinations before coming in for a grooming appointment. Dogs must have current DHLPP, RV and bordetella vaccinations; cats must have FVR-CP and RV vaccinations. For proper grooming, cats may be mildly sedated prior to their session. Pets should be dropped off between 8 a.m. and noon.

Please call us today at 636-464-8573 to schedule a grooming appointment.


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