About Us

We are Proactive!

You and your pet will feel the difference from the moment you walk through our doors. We don’t have a receptionist counter–instead, you’ll be greeted by our client concierge team members who are mobile and happy to assist right away!

Our hospital design was made with you and your pets in mind, with thoughtful features like a 65 gallon fish tank full of peaceful swimmers, cat-calming pheromone therapy, and lobby divisions so patients feel safer in a less familiar environment. You’ll also notice a courtesy counter, equipped with every anticipated need, from cold bottled water to paper towels and cleaning sprays to poop bags, in order to make your pet-parent job a little easier.

From check in to check out, we go above and beyond to give you and your cat, dog, or exotic pet the best possible experience during your time with us!

We’re proud to be a locally-owned veterinary practice.

We’re proud to be a locally-owned veterinary practice, which means we can prioritize your pet’s well-being above everything else. We aren’t limited by corporate time restrictions, so we can spend more time with your furry or feathered companion. Quality veterinary care is our top priority, and we’re incredibly grateful that you’ve entrusted us with your pet’s care!

Individualized Care

At Imperial Animal Hospital, we place the utmost emphasis on individualized care. We understand that every patient has its own unique temperament, prior experiences, preferences, and more. This is why we don’t have one cookie-cutter approach to treating your pet. Our highly trained and intuitive team of experts take the time to get to know your pet as an individual, so we can deliver veterinary medicine in the most effective way.

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