When your pet isn’t feeling well and you don’t know why, diagnostic testing helps us solve the puzzle, whether it be digital x-rays, bloodwork, or another means of investigation. With that said, we never order tests carelessly because we care about your budget. However, we’re passionate about finding the root cause of your pet’s symptoms, in order to prevent unnecessary suffering or costly treatments in the future.

Imperial Animal Hospital uses the latest Idexx 140 CR system digital radiology equipment to assist in our quest to find answers. Advanced digital x-rays help us determine the location and severity of bone fractures, identify the symptoms of heart disease, and locate foreign bodies (bones, toys, etc.) inside your pet’s stomach, among other problems.

Because your pet deserves fast, accurate treatment,
digital x-rays are ready to view within 90 seconds.

Unlike traditional film x-rays, digital radiographs are more detailed and of higher quality, leading to a faster, more accurate diagnosis. It’s just one more example of prioritizing your pet in everything we do!