Wellness Care

At Imperial Animal Hospital, our goal is to partner with you throughout your pet’s entire lifespan, with the goal of giving you as much quality time together over the years as possible. That’s why routine checkups are far more than arbitrary– they are crucial to assessing early indicators of more serious health issues. In many cases, diagnosing a condition early can be life-saving.

Routine Testing

It’s important we assess your pet’s unique health characteristics, in order to establish a baseline for the future. For example, blood tests help monitor the status of internal organs, and those results are recorded in your pet’s chart for future reference.

Weight Tracking

Weight changes can also be an indicator that something is wrong, and sometimes this occurs so gradually that it can be hard for a pet owner to notice. Monitoring your pet’s weight on a routine basis can help us prevent serious problems like arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease down the road. It also helps us prescribe accurate medication and preventative doses, for your pet’s safety.


Our commitment to individualized veterinary care extends to our vaccination protocols. While it’s important to keep your companion safe from diseases like rabies and distemper, for other noncore vaccines, we take it case by case. Our recommendations are based on your pet’s age, breed, and lifestyle.