End Of Life Care

Saying goodbye to a best friend is one of the hardest moments to endure, which is why we’ve tried to think of every possible accommodation for you and your pet.

When you arrive, you and your pet can be escorted through a side door, in order to avoid the lobby. We have a dedicated room for euthanasias, and it will offer you the privacy and peaceful setting needed during those final moments.

Our Comfort Room is equipped with dimmable lights, a comfy couch, bottled water, plenty of kleenex, and a lovely window. We keep a supply of twinkies and ding dongs for pets who would enjoy a final indulgence. We have also installed a button in the room, so you can seamlessly notify us when you’re ready. We want you to take all the time you need in saying goodbye to your beloved pet.

In addition to the setting, we also have a grief counselor who can come in and talk to you and your family, if requested.

We encourage all pet owners who’ve lost a beloved pet
to honor their pet on our Pet Memorials page.