Stress And Pain Management

Low-Stress Veterinary Care

From pre-appointment medication to extra treats and snuggles, your pet is sure to be catered to in every way possible. We pull out all the stops! Our exam rooms are stocked with the most scrumptious treats-–like cheez whiz, whipped cream, hot dogs, cheerios and peanut butter. Every exam room has a drawer full of highly-coveted toys, and we even have yoga mats available for senior dogs with achy joints.

Our entire team is trained on low stress ways to handle and communicate with dogs, cats and exotic pets. We are constantly in tune with your pet’s body language and disposition during their visit, and we adjust our treatment approach as needed to accommodate for this.

As veterinary professionals, we’ve committed ourselves
to relieving animal discomfort.

We always go above & beyond to ensure your pet feels comfortable. Not only do they deserve to feel that way, but new research shows that a stressed pet can actually produce skewed diagnostic results. We need reliable test information in order to effectively treat your loved one.

Pain Management

As pet parents ourselves, we understand how stressful it is when your pet is experiencing pain. Whether the pain stems from a procedure or aging joints, our team members are well-trained to identify your pet’s nonverbal cues and swiftly address the situation.

If your pet is having a procedure done, we stay a step ahead of the situation by anticipating potential discomfort before it occurs. From home care tips to pain medication, you can count on us to make your pet’s comfort level top priority and do whatever it takes to help alleviate their pain.