Our very own Dr. Jennifer Emo not only saves pet lives but is now credited for saving little 2 year old Paisley Ervin from a car engulfed in flames.

Dr. Emo and her family were traveling on Hwy. 70 on Saturday when they saw a car on fire. The Emo family pulled over to see if there was anything they could do for anyone. Jennifer asked if everyone was out of the car and the answer was NO!! Dr. Emo’s husband Brett, rushed to help the grandparents, who were the drivers of the car, and had been trying to get Paisley out of her car seat. They had managed to get the top buckle undone but not the strap across her legs. The grandparents sustained major burns in their multiple attempts to get to Paisley. Dr. Emo rushed over to the car but couldn’t see anything and said the flames were so hot she couldn’t get near the vehicle. However, a moment later, the flames changed and she saw Paisley standing in the back of the car. Jennifer rushed in grabbed her by the wrist and yanked Paisley out. Paisley’s clothes were on fire so Dr. Emo had to roll her around on the ground to put the flames out. Dr. Emo had assistance then from an off duty police officer who helped her get the smoldering clothes off of Paisley.

Dr. Emo sustained major burns to her hands and will be seeing a burn specialist this week. We are so incredibly proud of Dr. Emo’s selfless act and humbled by her immense courage to put herself in harms way for an innocent child. Please be in prayer for Paisley Ervin and her family as they have a long road of recovery ahead of them. Also, pray for Dr. Emo and her family as they recover from this traumatic event.

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