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Early Detection will give Gabby a long, healthy life!

On 14 Mar, 2018

I just wanted to share my story and raise awareness of the importance of preventative bloodwork. I always get bloodwork done on my dogs at their yearly check up.

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Activity Enrichment for Pets

On 6 Feb, 2018

Activity Enrichment creates mental stimulation for our pets which can help with maintaining their behavioral health! Here are a few things you can try with your fur friends!

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On 22 Nov, 2017

Today I put my dog to sleep. It is March 8, 1976. I got her when I was 5 years old in 1961. She was so small and cute. The first time, when I brought her home mom was sick and lying in my bed. I set Spot down in my room and she ran over and licked mom in the face.

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Life After a Diabetes Diagnoses

On 13 Nov, 2017

At 14 years old, Yum Yum was still very healthy. Except for routine vaccinations and check-ups she seldom had to visit Dr. Turner. Earlier this year, though, that all changed.

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We Have a Hero in our Midst!!

On 30 Aug, 2017

Our very own Dr. Jennifer Emo not only saves pet lives but is now credited for saving little 2 year old Paisley Ervin from a car engulfed in flames. Dr. Emo and her family were traveling on Hwy. 70 on Saturday when they saw a car on fire. The Emo family pulled over to see if there was anything they could do for anyone.

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What you need to know about dog flu

On 15 Jun, 2017

You can get the flu but did you know your dog can as well? It’s called canine influenza (CIV) – or dog flu – and cases of it have been popping up all over the country.

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It’s All About Milo

On 8 Jun, 2017

We have been asked how we acquired our greeter and housecat Milo. Here is his story.

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Dr. Bates, a U.S. Marshal??

On 11 Jan, 2017

dr-b-marshalDr. Bates had the very special privilege last week of a visit from, Ted, a US Marshal and a medic. Ted is a long time client of ours and asked Dr. Bates if he could come in to observe medical and surgical procedures for dogs.

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month

On 17 Nov, 2016


Managing diabetes takes a lot of consistency! Insulin injections need be done every 12 hours at the same time each day, feeding needs to be the same time of day every day, plus frequent blood glucose blood test to be sure the insulin is regulated. Diabetes can be managed and diabetic pets can live a happy, healthy life with proper care.

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Service Dogs and Wounded Veterans: A Beneficial Relationship

On 31 Oct, 2016


Unfortunately, many veterans return home from active duty with physical challenges and disabilities. For these wounded veterans, the road to recovery often is difficult and long. With the help of their friends and family, they make progress and return to civilian life as normally as possible.

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