dogs-447067_640by Mary Larkin

Pepper was playing outside on his deck when his mom noticed him batting something around. She ran outside to see what he was playing with and he grabbed a large marble and ran from her. Mom was in hot pursuit when Pepper decided he didn’t want to give it up and swallowed it!!!

Pepper’s mom called us and told us the story. Dr. Worth asked to have Pepper come to the Hospital and have an x-ray to determine where the item was. Pepper’s mom said she thought he had swallowed a large marble and she had no idea where he had found it as she doesn’t have children or marbles in her home.

The x-ray showed a round, white, solid circle. Dr. Worth knew if we didn’t make Pepper vomit the marble back up it could cause a problem trying to pass through the stomach and intestines. Dr. Worth gave her an injection to induce vomiting. Shortly after the injection was given Pepper gave up the marble!

We are happy to say that Pepper went home feeling a little nauseous but no obstructions!!! A happy ending.