Pamela Hill, Cat Behaviorist

Inappropriate elimination is the number one reason cats are given to shelters or euthanized.  Pamela Hill, cat behaviorist, has researched why cats don’t use their litterbox. Here are some tips she shared with us:  






When setting up your feline’s “bathroom” keep these things in mind:

Cats “Don’t Like” their bathroom to smell like a porta potty!!!



Cats also “Don’t Like”: 

  • The litterbox to be dark, smelly or dusty
  • If they feel unsafe – lots of loud noises, when other pets come in and interrupt them
  • Requires acrobatics to get in and/or out of the box, ie. hole in the top of the box, box in a small area, too to turn around in or stand up
  • Located too far away
  • Food and water right next to the box
  • Dirty               


Cats “Do Like” their litter box to be:

A large box 18” wide x 24” long x 6“ deep             


 Senior cats need a lower entry way 

    only 3” deep


  • Clay, unscented, clumping litter
  • Private, quiet, open/safe location away from food and water
  • Cats prefer open, uncovered boxes, no liner
  • Cleaned at least once daily