In the heartwarming saga of Minnie, a little Yorkshire Terrier, and her devoted owners Rose and Kevin, the power of love, resilience, and unexpected friendships takes center stage. Their story unfolds over nine years, traversing through joy, sorrow, and the unwavering bond that can exist between humans and their four-legged companions.

It all began when Rose and Kevin decided to open their hearts and home to Minnie, adopting her from Open Door. Minnie, now a senior at the age of 10 1/2, became an integral part of their lives, witnessing the beautiful journey of a marriage that spanned 47 years and a companionship that endured for 49 years.

Minnie, the couple’s second Yorkshire Terrier, had a significant role to play in the family dynamics. Originating from a distinctive background, she had been the sole canine companion in her previous home, receiving abundant affection from an elderly couple. Upon joining Kevin and Rose, Minnie seamlessly integrated herself into their lives. One of her cherished pastimes involved diligently patrolling the yard to keep it mole-free. With enthusiasm, she would hunt for snakes and proudly present her finds on the deck, seeking approval from her parents. Beyond her pest control duties, Minnie’s infectious smile became a constant source of joy, bringing numerous happy moments to her family each day.

Fast forward to the present, Minnie, once Kevin’s constant companion, found herself grappling with the sudden loss of her human in October 2023. Kevin’s passing was unexpected, as Kevin was being released from the hospital for a mild case of pneumonia and Kevin coded right in front of Rose and her daughter. Rose vividly recalls the heartbreaking moment when he asked her to let him go. Minnie, missing her human, began spending countless moments near Kevin’s man cave, looking at his closed door, and finding solace on his chair when the door was left open.

As the years went by, Minnie’s age had caught up with her, manifesting in unpleasant breath. Rose, facing the challenges of grief and caring for Minnie, found an unexpected source of support in Monica, a long-time acquaintance from Mobil on the Run. Monica, known for her generosity in raffles and community support, had built a strong connection with Rose. Rose expressed her concern for Minnie and Monica said I know things are rough right now and let me help.

Recognizing the need for Minnie to receive care, Monica extended a helping hand and asked Dr. Bates to examine Minnie. Dr. Bates examined Minnie and promptly scheduled a dental surgery. The procedure involved extracting almost all of Minnie’s teeth, a necessary step for her well-being. Despite the challenges, Minnie recovered beautifully and embraced a new chapter of her life with softened dog food and the love showered upon her by Rose and her grandchildren.

The tale of Minnie’s journey is one of love, loss, and renewed smiles. Rose expresses deep gratitude for the kindness and care extended by everyone at Imperial Animal Hospital. Minnie, once again bringing laughter and smiles into their lives, is a testament to the transformative power of love, community, and the enduring spirit of our beloved furry friends.

Your generous contribution to the IAH Care Fund played a crucial role in covering Minnie’s care expenses, significantly easing the burden for Minnie’s owner

Minnie and her mom                                                                                     
Going home after her dental procedure.                      Smiling Minnie